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We are a non profit association concerning sterile services in the health care industry.

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Exhibition and Conference 2022
Ditangguhkan ke tahun 2022 atas sebab yang tidak dapat dielakkan. Tarikh akan dimaklumkan kelak.

28th Annual General Meeting, Conference & Exhibition 2023

"Traceability Enhance Patient Safety Thus Improve Quality Care"

Date: 11th to 13th June 2023

Location: Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Wet packs problems represent a major quality and patient safety issue. It is essential that when wet packs are found a complete investigation be performed to identify the cause of it. Steps should be taken including changes in procedures, in servicing to correct the problem and preventive measures of recurrences.

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Malaysian Standard of Sterilization Process Third Edition

The Malaysian Standard of Sterilization Process is designed to integrate basic principles of sterilization and disinfection processes and will serve as a guideline for all CSSU and other sterilizing practitioners in Malaysia. The book was evolved in an endeavour to ensure the Malaysian society is provided with equitable and safe hospital care across the nation. Nurses who entrusted with the responsibility for sterilization in hospitals must be equipped with pertinent reference materials to ensure correct and safe practice.

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Sterilization Process Handbook

This sterilization process handbook has been developed by the association as a guide for central service personnel who are responsible for decontamination and sterilization process in the healthcare facility.

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Guide To Shelf Life

This guide to shelf life has been developed by the association as a guide for central service personnel to understand and change practices from time related to event related expiration date. The International standards suggest that contamination is related to features of the CSSU environment or the sterile storage area, wrapping materials, storage handling and opening behaviours rather than just overtime alone.

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Guideline on Loaner Instrumentation

The management of loaner instrumentation and implants for speciality operation procedure in healthcare institution, variability cause certain problem to healthcare professional. Control must be in place to ensure effective management for the process of the instruments ultimately in quality of care for the patients .Some valuable notes guide you to develop a good partnership between the vendor, Central service and the Operating Room.

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Garis Panduan Pengurusan Kehilangan ‘Surgical Instrument’ in Malay language

Garis Panduan Pengurusan Kehilangan Surgical Instrument has been developed as a guide for central service personnel in management of missing surgical instrument

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